Will You Gift or Collect?

With only 3 weeks to go to our next Handmade Show here is another snippet for you. Of course, the only way to view the entire gorgeous array of designer wares lovingly handmade to perfection, is to visit us on Saturday 16th October.

Just a little tease on what you might find.....

From battered & dusty, these vintage hardcover books have been recycled and given a new identity - they are now unique, one-of-a-kind journals.

Nostalgic and full of character - Handmade by Found n Bound

Here is something personalised, custom made and inviting - you can't go past these delightful designs.

There's more unique stationery from this boutique design studio ... want to see more? Then I think you know where to come to get a real close up look....
 In the meantime, have a peek at who creates these lovely custom graphic designs - Red Letter Studio.

The Handmade Show
Saturday 16th October
11 am - 3.30pm


What Might You Find?

Recycle, greet and print ...
by Charlie Parker Studio.

Fragrant, creative, soothing, travel handy .... Creations by Bobbie Mac

Vintage Inspired cushions & hangings, aprons & bedding, garments & home wares ...
by Vintage Sew and So.

What might you find amongst our kind,
coloured brights, aromas mild,
fragrant things of every kind. 
Re invent those vintage styles, 
unique boutiques and antique types; 
What might you find amongst our likes?
Well come back soon to check our stripes!
The Handmade Show
Saturday 16th October


What Might You See?

Come this October when Spring has come
and sunny days have sprung,
the doors will open wide for you
and bodz will waltz right through....
..... What do you think you'll see?

Arty brights, designer sights and smiley things for sunny types .... by Sammy Nuttall

Artful vintage, recycled thriftage, embellished with crafty linkage ... by Holi Goddess.

Delightful tees for little bees & springs of crafty things by MooBee Tees.
What might you see by arty crafters, designer kinds and buzzing minds?
Within a week come take a peek
for sleek and chic designer cheek
The Handmade Show
Saturday 16th October



We can't wait to launch our new-look Show next month! Now that it's Spring, we are sure that all Melbourne crafters will get a new lease of life and inspiration from the new buds, the warmer sunshine, and the spring showers! We are excited about showcasing the latest wares from people like MooBee Tees, Holi Goddess, Bobbie Mac, EP Designs,  Gildonia Rose and Red Letter Studio.

If you or a friend would like to exhibit alongside some of Melbourne's finest handmade artisans, pop over to our applications page for more info!

Welcome to Spring everyone! Yay!!


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