What Might You Find?

Recycle, greet and print ...
by Charlie Parker Studio.

Fragrant, creative, soothing, travel handy .... Creations by Bobbie Mac

Vintage Inspired cushions & hangings, aprons & bedding, garments & home wares ...
by Vintage Sew and So.

What might you find amongst our kind,
coloured brights, aromas mild,
fragrant things of every kind. 
Re invent those vintage styles, 
unique boutiques and antique types; 
What might you find amongst our likes?
Well come back soon to check our stripes!
The Handmade Show
Saturday 16th October


  1. i love the Charlie Parker cards, i had a chat with him at the last market....he's so lovely xo

  2. The Charlie parker cards look great!!


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