What Might You See?

Come this October when Spring has come
and sunny days have sprung,
the doors will open wide for you
and bodz will waltz right through....
..... What do you think you'll see?

Arty brights, designer sights and smiley things for sunny types .... by Sammy Nuttall

Artful vintage, recycled thriftage, embellished with crafty linkage ... by Holi Goddess.

Delightful tees for little bees & springs of crafty things by MooBee Tees.
What might you see by arty crafters, designer kinds and buzzing minds?
Within a week come take a peek
for sleek and chic designer cheek
The Handmade Show
Saturday 16th October


  1. The rhyming is sooooooo cute....well done!


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