It's Not Your Nanna's Knitting!

We are now less than one week away from another fabulous show. Gifted crafters and artisans will gather together to show you their wonderful creations ... and of course you will have the opportunity to purchase from these exhibitors. It's not your nanna's knitting that you'll find at The Handmade Show but a shining boutique of glorious handmade wares created right here in Melbourne. So make sure you mark down the show date in your diaries so you don't miss out.

In our previous posts you got a sneak peek at some of the creative wares you may find at The Handmade Show. Following on from those posts, here is another selection of teasers on what else you may expect to find .....

One-Of-A-Kind fun creations by Spikey Rose

Deliciously scented bath and body products by Jooce Bath and Body

New and recreated treasures by EP Designs

I can't wait to meet up with all our stall holders again and meet new ones too.
There will also be some delightful surprises in store for our visitors.... but I'll tell you about it in our next post.

The Handmade Show
Saturday 16th October
11 am - 3.30pm
95-97 Drummond St. Oakleigh


  1. Looks great! Love the title ;0) Can't wait to check everyone out on Saturday!

  2. Hehe, yes it's a rather cute title ... and it's true too :)


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