Look Who's Coming to Visit...

Is it Rudolph?


Is it Santa?

Not yet?

Is it a group of fabulous, talented and gift laden stallholders?


Take a look at the list of fabulous stallholders (see right) that will be at our boutique market!  You have the opportunity to see their fantastic wares and take them home with you on Saturday, 11th December.  

You also have the opportunity to win a Christmas Hamper full of goodies from our lovely stallholders.  All you need to do is walk through the door!!

If you are looking for a beautiful, heartfelt, handmade gift to give this Christmas, don't miss this chance to buy some lovely and unique gifts from our wonderful artisans and crafters.

1. &O Designs 2. Love Gubby 3. Red Letter Studio 4. MooBeeTees 5. Ruby Louise

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  1. looks awesome! I think I am gonna blow some cash this Saturday ;)


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