February Show wrap-up

Just sharing some pics today of our fabulous February exhibition! we had such a great day, it was really lovely perusing the new wares we had on Show. Really looking forward to next month!

Speaking of which, please don't forget if you have been wanting to get on board with The Handmade Show and you sell pre-packaged ready-to-go foods, like oils or sweets, honeys jams and preserves, that kind of thing - you might like to apply for our March Show?? Read the post below on how to become a part of our special edition Tastes of Oakleigh Festival THS!!

Etienne our resident Zither Man is all locked in for next month, as are a few of our fave artists already, so come on board!! just check out our 'applications page' above for contact info :)

oh and almost forgot! our lovely winner of our Handmade Show gift voucher for this month was Karen Cocks from Bayswater - Congratulations Karen!! we look forward to seeing you on Sunday March 20!!

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  1. Great photos!! It was such a fun market this month - can't wait to do the March market!!


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