Have You Met...Bellissima Glass

Here at The Handmade Show we are surrounded by so many talented artists and crafters that we thought it was about time that we introduced them to you.  Get a little bit personal as it were!  

The first of our wonderful 'Handmaders' is the fabulous Rachel from Bellissima Glass.  We hope that these interviews give you a chance to get to know our stall holders a little better and entice you to come and visit them at our next show :0)

1) Tell us a little bit about Bellissima Glass and the items you create.

Bellissima Glass is my baby. It's where I get to have some time to be me, not the Mummy me. I create one of a kind glass fused jewellery and gifts, all in my little workspace (the back of the garage!!). I make pieces that I would like to wear, one of a kind wearable art. Most popularly rings, pendants and earrings.


2) Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
My inspiration comes from all kinds of places, but mostly from the glass itself. The glass might look a certain way which can lend itself to being made into a certain piece.

3) How does the market experience contribute to your business?
The market experience completes my business. It is the greatest way to showcase my wears, as glass can be very tricky to photograph as it reacts differently in different lights.  People really need to see what products look like in real life!


4) Which one of your items should everyone have in their home?

Everyone should for sure own a Bellissima Glass ring. They have to be my favourite pieces. A talking point and piece of Art you can wear with any outfit!

5) When not at The Handmade Show, where can we find you?
You can find Bellissima Glass at our online store www.bellissima-glass.com.au
and a number of markets (listed on our website).

Thanks Rachel for taking the time to answer our fabulous Five Questions!! 



  1. I've seen these in real life and they're absolutely gorgeous. Love the colours!

  2. I'm loving that green ring :0)


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