Have You Met...Ladybugs & DaisyChains

Amy is the terrific owner of Ladybugs & Daisychains. Apart from having the cutest shop name, Amy specialises in beautiful stationery and accessories, and has recently introduced fabric note boards into her line.  We hope you enjoy our little visit into her world :0)

1) Tell us a little bit about Ladybugs & Daisychains and the items you create.

Ladybugs & Daisychains was created when I started selling my handmade cards.  It then led to creating other stationery items such as notebooks, gift cards, invitations and bookmarks.  At the beginning of this year I started making coin purses, phone pouches and fabric note boards.  With all the amazing papers, materials and stamps/inks out there the creativity is endless.

2) Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

So many different things inspire me; different papers, materials, colours, magazines, markets and all things crafty.

3) How does the market experience contribute to your business?

I love going to the market.  Its great to meet the people who like and appreciate what you do whether they are a customer on the day or at another date.  It's also fun mixing with other talented people who have a similar passion.

4) Which one of your items should everyone have in their home?

At the moment I'm loving my phone pouch.  Definitely a must.

5) When not at The Handmade Show, where can we find you?
I can be found in the following places:

Thanks Amy for taking the time to answer our fabulous Five Questions.

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