June Winner

Announcing winners is just as exciting for us as it is for the winner receiving their news. 
This month we Congratulate 
Fiona B of Hughsedale.
Fiona was very surprised and pleased with her win. The hardest thing for Fiona now is choosing how best to spend her $30 gift voucher at next month's show.

How would you spend it?
There's only one way to find out but you will have to enter our next giveaway in July.

Enjoy your next visit to The Handmade Show!


June Wrap Up

Only the best and beautiful boutique market will do ....


Have You Met...Ruby Louise

One of our favourite The Handmade Show regulars is the lovely Kathleen from Ruby Louise. Ruby Louise carries a fabulous range of jewellery and accessories that suit girls of any age!  Fun and girly to wear, yet elegant in design - surely everyone should have a piece (or two or three!) of Ruby Louise to wear!

We hope you enjoy discovering a bit more about Kathleen and Ruby Lousie :0)

1) Tell us a little bit about Ruby Louise and the items you create.
I was a metalwork major at Melbourne Uni (part of a teaching degree), and had not done much creative work since graduating many years ago, apart from making presents for friends and family. Around 18 months ago after much encouragement from my husband and friends I started Ruby Louise. It started by selling on Facebook first, then I built a Big Cartel website, and in December last year I started doing markets, with the Handmade Show being my first one.

I like to create pieces using lots of different mediums including Swarovski crystals & pearls, Polymer Clay, Lace, Felt and base metals. It can be anything from a small resin flower stud, to a hand stamped Polymer clay piece, to a Lace applique made into a necklace. 

2) Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
I am mainly inspired by nature and natural forms, and also vintage. I am obsessed with flowers and they feature heavily in my work in many different mediums. I love birds, trees, butterflies, leaves and various other forms of nature. I also really love lace, and have just started making a range of polymer clay pieces featuring lace patterns, as well as lace applique necklaces. I tend not to follow a particular look though, which makes my work quite diverse. It is definitely feminine, as I am quite a girly girl. All the pieces I make are ones I would wear myself, so a lot of love goes into every piece. 

3) How does the market experience contribute to your business?
It's one of the best ways to reach members of the public and is an opportunity to gain valuable feedback about your products. It's a great tool for meeting other creative people as well. I have met so many lovely sellers and have developed a wonderful network of friends who are creative. It is an excellent way to reach buyers who appreciate handmade items instead of mass produced unoriginal designs. 

4) Which one of your items should everyone have in their home?
Definitely my resin flower studs. They come in a huge range of colours so there is a pair to match every outfit. 

5) When not at The Handmade Show, where can we find you?
Monthly at Yarraville markets, and periodically at Take 2, South Yarra Market, Round She Goes. Also through my website www.rubylouise.com.

Thanks Kathleen for taking the time to answer our Fabulous Five Questions.


Have You Met...Luana's Bead Jewellery

We are very excited to introduce the lovely Luana from Luana's Bead Jewellery to you.  Luana's pieces are as individual as they are beautiful and we hope you come ans see them for yourself at our June market.

1) Tell us a little bit about Luana's Bead Jewellery and the items you create.

"Luana's Bead Jewellery" has grown from a hobby which began 5yrs ago, to something I am quite addicted to. I enjoy making bracelets the most.

Whenever I buy a new special outfit, I love going into my workroom and being able to make myself a matching set of jewels.
I don't think I've wandered into a bead store without buying something.  I find the stunning glass beads, pearls and semi-precious stones hard to resist, such gorgeous colours and shapes nowadays.

I try and make pieces that are appealing to a wide range of ages and style tastes, but primarily always using quality glass beads, pearls and semi-precious stones.

2) Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

I try to keep a watchful eye on the current seasons fashion shades, by visiting department stores and clothing shops, so that I  make pieces that will compliment
your wardrobe, for work, home and beyond. Sometimes it's just a case of coming across a stunnning strand of beautiful beads that I buy first, and work out a design later.

3) How does the market experience contribute to your business?

Craft markets are the main source of business to promote my pieces, and generate sales.  Being able to view the designs in person is so much better than viewing a photo on a webpage, as you get to feel and try on the pieces and see their gorgeous colours and sparkles.
Also, I've found word of mouth from the markets to be very helpful, such as being asked to appear 'on request' at additional markets is so flattering and exciting.

4) Which one of your items should everyone have in their home?

I don't think you can go wrong with a pair of silver ball earrings, which are simple yet versatile, or a gorgeous glass pearl bracelet which you can just slip on to dress up an outfit.

5) When not at The Handmade Show, where can we find you?

Probably best fo follow my Facebook page "Luana's Bead Jewellery", as I go to a variety of markets around the south east / bayside suburbs of Melbourne.

Thanks Luana for taking the time to answer our Fabulous Five Questions.


Time To Win Win Win!

Get ready for another chance to win a $30 gift voucher!

Sponsored by The Handmade Show
How to enter -
  • All you have to do is visit The Handmade Show on Saturday 18th June, between 10.30am - 3.30pm and fill in an entry form and place it in the entry box..... it's that simple!
Remember - Entries must be made in person.

But ... that's not all! 
Download this flyer, print it out and bring it with you to receive a buy-one-get-one-free offer for coffee at Cafe Handmade.

Please visit our Competitions page for all Terms & Conditions.
Here's three cheers for The Handmade Show
You can also visit us online
See you at The Handmade Show!


Cafe Handmade... What will you find?

What can you expect at Cafe Handmade?
Cupcakes, cookies and lots of tasty goodies....
A Cosy corner, that's warm, inviting and comfy.....
Delicious treats.....
Aromatic fair trade coffee, full of flavour....
Friendly stall holders are happy to chat and help brighten your day.

Come along - see, taste, enjoy and add your thoughts ......


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