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The Handmade Show allows us to bring to you some of the most talented crafters in Victoria - and August is no exception! This month we are very pleased to intoduce you to Megan and her wonderful shop - Winter Built
Winter Built bring to the market wonderful handcrafted items made of timber; items made from Australian Hardwood that is undersized, rejected, or no longer required from a local manufacturer. Their aim is to never waste any of the timber that they source.
And did we tell you this is Winter Built's first market?  Make sure you pop in and say hello to Megan :0)

So sit back and enjoy learning a little bit more about the beautiful world of Winter Built...

1) Tell us a little bit about Winter Built and the items you create. 
My husband and I live in the Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. My husband is a furniture builder by trade, and I enjoy working with him on weekends to create our own special projects.

I call him a hoarder, he thinks he is prepared for anything, but together we agree that we should never be wasteful. We have more pallets of timber than you can poke a stick at and this is where the idea began. 

We start off by designing larger items using the materials we have available. The offcuts from these then go to produce our smaller items. Eventually what we have left is nothing short of Saw Dust, which we use to keep our lovely chickens living in comfort. 

So far our items include, Wedding Wishing Wells, Dvd Units, Chopping Boards, Coaster Sets, Candle Holders with plenty more on the way.
2) Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
Our ideas come from what we have available to us. Depending on the sizes and lengths of the timber depends on what we build. 

3) How does the market experience contribute to your business? 
As August 20th will be our very first market, we are hoping to get our creations out and seen by the local community. I am already planning on doing much, much more in the future. 

4) Which one of your items should everyone have in their home? 
Definately a Hardwood Chopping Board - the timber looks absolutely beautiful! 

5) When not at The Handmade Show, where can we find you?
We are hoping to be a more markets in the future, but for now we can also be found on Facebook. Come and say Hi to us at Winter Built.

 Thanks Megan for taking the time to answer our
Fabulous Five Questions.

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