Have You met...Squiggle and Stitch

Apart from having a gloriously adorable name, Squiggle and Stitch creates and sells the most wonderful homewares for children (not to mention a few very childish adults!). The fabulous Tania who is the creative force behind the label uses the most amazing fabric combinations and leaves you with beautiful items worthy of keeping hold of in the years to come. Take some time to get to now Squiggle and Stitch...

1) Tell us a little bit about Squiggle and Stitch and the items you create.
Squiggle and Stitch is all about Arty Crafty Stuff for Kids. I make decor items and accessories such as cushions, door stops, bags, hair clip holders, and baby tag toys. I like to use fun, bold fabrics and keep things fairly simple. Some of my products can be personalised so they make great gifts. When I'm not sewing or being a mum I'm a teacher so as part of Squiggle and Stitch I also run kids workshops.
2) Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
Most of the time it is the fabric which inspires me. I actually majored in textile design at uni so I have always had a love for gorgeous materials. I love showing fabrics off and playing around with different combinations, cushions are a great way to do this. I will also try and use every bit of a fabric I have because I don't want to waste a beautiful print so the little tag toys I make for babies are made from my fabric scraps. 
3) How does the market experience contribute to your business?
It is vital to my business. I love doing them and it is a great way to network with other stallholders and to meet your customers face to face. I have learnt so much from doing markets and even if you don't sell a lot on the day you are still giving out business cards, getting feedback on your products and talking to other likeminded people. I have had repeat customers and follow up orders from my market stalls and the contacts I have made have been crucial to growing my business. 
4) Which one of your items should everyone have in their home?
I would have to say a cushion. (I am obsessed with cushions) Like I said before they are such a great way to show off a fabric that you love and an easy way to brighten up a room.
5) When not at The Handmade Show, where can we find you?
I do other markets in Melbourne including Huckleberry market and Yarraville Markets. You can also find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/squiggleandstitch and I have a store on madeit. www.madeit.com.au/squiggleandstitch  I also stock some items at Kids Style Hub in Hawthorn which is a shopping mecca for handmade goodness!

Thanks Tania for taking the time to answer our Fabulous 5 Questions!

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