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As you all know, The Handmade Show is about all things handmade - Aussie handmade.And we love to have the opportunity to support creative artisans, micro business, hobby business, WAHMs, WAHPs and community.

With our move to a new venue last month we found ourselves with some lovely ladies from St. Anthony's who were happy to take on the task of running Cafe Handmade. This was to be their opportunity to fund raise for various needs and we at THS were excited to hear about the reason for their latest fund raising venture....

A number of people from the parish volunteer each week, on a Thursday night, to run a special cafe called Tony's Cafe. This cafe opens its doors to anyone who needs a good wholesome meal, some companionship, a social evening, a chat & laugh, or a rest from cooking - everyone is welcome. Foods are donated or bought with donation funds & many a great cook has provided a delicious menu, even chefs. People visiting the cafe are treated to a three course meal in a warm & friendly atmosphere. Donations are accepted for meals but only if the patrons are able to donate - no questions asked, no one checking.

The cafe has been operating one night a week for approx 2 years & has recently received a grant from Feed Melbourne to put toward the cafe's great work. This grant is going towards the purchase of a small van with seats, but it won't cover the entire cost. A van would enable the volunteers to do things like give lifts to patrons who may have difficulty getting to & fro Tony's Cafe, food runs and other needs as they arise.

Hence, Cafe Handmade has become a platform for the fundraising efforts of St. Anthony's volunteers for a new little van.... for that special little cafe - All the profits will go towards the purchase of the van.

So come along to our next show & after your shopping rounds, take a seat, rest & tuck into the deliciously irresistible food & mouthwatering treats .... not only will you be supporting the fundraising efforts of a great cause, you'll also be delightfully satisfied.

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