Cafe Handmade 2012

We can't live without the fuel our bodies need to keep us going .... and you won't need to look too far to find a friendly, happy & fun environment to consume some of the nicest treats on offer. Cafe Handmade is still with us (and always will be) at The Handmade Show. The cafe is a THS initiative hosted by the lovely volunteers from Tony's Cafe. Nestled within our indoor market & surrounded by our creative stall holders, it's a sure fire place to be to relax & enjoy the menu.

Tony's Cafe has received a grant from Feed Melbourne - this will go towards the purchase of a van, which will help them collect the food and commodities needed each week to prepare the meals and take home parcels which are given to each guest. All profits made at Cafe Handmade will also go towards funding the van.

At Cafe Handmade your appetite will be wonderfully satisfied in more ways than one. So mark down all our show dates in your diary & include time for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. You will be pleasantly surprised.

 More pics can be seen HERE
See you there!

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