Behind The Stall Holders' Table ....

The creative table can be a messy one, some are very neat & tidy, some will swear the mess is really organised chaos. Whatever the surroundings you can be sure more time is spent creating & making than is realised by the buyer. Mass produced items can be churned out cheaply but you will never receive a one-of-a-kind creation passionately handmade with love & care. What the artisan passes on to the buyer of their wares can never be passed on by mass production. Yes, we're rather biased here at The Handmade Show but .... handmade is best......

Here is Pauline at her sewing machine ....

Pauline’s Ironing Board Covers are available in a range of standard sizes, and if your board is a non-standard size, Pauline is happy to create a custom-made cover for you. Pauline’s ironing board covers are a delight to iron on. The padded fabric used in Pauline’s ironing board covers make ironing a breeze. No need to hide the ironing board when guests come around. Pauline’s stylish fabrics create an ironing board that fits in with your d├ęcor.
Miranda's project in progress ....

From soy flakes, to melting the wax on my stove in my kitchen, to placing the wick before the wax is poured, my little kitchen nearly always has a delightful candle smell and plenty of wax on the bench top!

Curious Owl Candles will be at the show with the finished products.... come and see.

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