Behind The Stall Table .....

.... sits a creative artisan showcasing their delightful wares. Made by hand and guided by the soul of inspiration these beautifully crafted creations are made with love, pride & care. On the day of the market you get to see the finished product .... before that day what you don't get to see is the artisan at work in their creative corner.

The hours of planning, designing, preparing, detailing, finishing, polishing & packaging all comes together in the array of products you feast your eyes on when browsing through the stalls.

Each person has their own creative table in a corner where the hours are spent & creativity happens. Here are a couple of them .....

We rarely work on one project at a time because it just seems more economical to do a few project all at once since each batch of gingerbread mix we make can produce about 40-50 standard cookies in various shapes and sizes. When it comes to decorating certain colours like red, black & white will need to be used on most designs so it's easier and faster to work on many projects at the same time. Here you see a picture of our projects in progress, we are working on a pirate themed party for a customer, a tennis range (as we have been inspired by the Australian Open), and our Valentine's Day range for February which consists of a lot of hearts, love birds, kissable lips and scrabble pieces... 
See you in February 
Janet & Michelle

Hi, my name is Sue and my stall at the Handmade Show is Jooce Bath and Body Products.
I started soap making because I wanted to give my son's grade two teacher a Christmas gift which was personal and unique. There is not much room in our house so I cleared some space on top of one of the bookcases in our hallway to make room to cure the soaps. Since then all the books have been packed away and I have well and truly taken over this area. This photo is of one side of the hallway, the other side is equally as full and the cupboard under the stairs makes a great place to store botanicals and waxes. It might seem a bit strange, but I spend a lot of time in our hallway. 

It takes 6-8 weeks to cure olive oil soaps so I was very busy over the Christmas holidays making new batches of soaps in preparation for February's The Handmade Show. 
See you all soon, Sue.
We'll have more Creative Corners for you soon!

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  1. Wow! Never knew soaps take that long to make. Too bad I definitely cannot make it this next few months, but hope to join again after April. :-D


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