Behind The Stall Tables .....

.... are more stall holders with creative tables in a corner of their home where the hours are spent & creativity happen - Original creations, one-of-a-kind, all handcrafted with skill. The artisans' personal touch embodies each item; they're finished in detail, packaged & packed & loaded into the car for delivery to the next market. These artisans here will be packing their wares for The Handmade Show Saturday Feb 18th....

A note from Cassie - My creative space is small and tucked away in a little corner of my room. Space is limited in my house so I make do with what I have. My next project is actually to install floating shelves to give me more room to work with. I can also be spotted crafting in front of the telly especially if something good is on (although I have poked my finger with my sewing needle one too many times due to that!)

I am working in living room trying to keep just corner- what is very hard – over night I occupied all living room and work. Hard to believe but there are some organized things.
I'm looking forward to coming back to The Handmade Show in February.

My main "creating" place is in my Kitchen....however I also use my Office and my lounge for all the non melting creations! 
more to come!

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