March Winners

It's time to announce the winners of  
The Handmade Show's  
double giveaway.

  First prize goes to Debbie from Carnegie
 $20 THS Gift Voucher
It pays to stop if you're driving by & see our signs. Debbie did just that. She found a lovely little boutique market with delightful stall holders, a pleasant cafe and free entry into the prize draw. Needless to say she'll be back next month to spend her winnings.

Second prize goes to Patricia from Carnegie
 $10 Cafe Handmade Gift Voucher
Patricia found our market by searching the internet for a craft market to visit. She found us listed, came to visit & shopped a little. She is now looking forward to using her voucher at Cafe Handmade next month ....... and maybe shop a little more.

Congratulations to both our winners!
Happy shopping on Saturday 21st April.


Who Wants To Win??

 Giveaway Time Again!
It's so easy to win one of our vouchers. The Handmade Show has TWO vouchers to give away again this month.
 $20 THS Gift Voucher
$10 Cafe Handmade Gift Voucher
It's simple, simple, simple .... walk in through the doors this Saturday March 17th, fill in an entry and place it in the entry box. It can't get any easier than that.
And if you purchase any gorgeous goodies from our stall holders, you'll receive extra entries into the draw.
More info on our Competitions page.

What are you waiting for - mark it in your diary & make it a date with us :)


Elena's Creative Corner

As the saying goes - A picture paints a thousand words ... and there's a lot going on in this creative corner.

Elena from EP Designs sends us this photo of her creative space.

Actually there are two creative spaces in this pocket of the 'studio'. One side is the messy painter's side & the other is for sewing. The old (or should I call it vintage) industrial Singer sewing machine belongs to Regina - she is the 'perfectionist' sewer of EP Designs; and is responsible for the linens & soft furnishings.
When the studio is in full swing there are usually several works on the go. I don't have patience to wait for paint, varnishes or glues to dry, so I continue working on another piece while I'm waiting.
My favourite part is the detailing - putting on the finishing touches - that, I do have patience for & love it..... and I keep working on it until I'm happy with the final look. This is when the other pieces on the creative table have to be patient with me ;)
Come & see my work close up at The Handmade Show.
Ciao, Elena.

There are multi hours of work behind the scenes of each stall holder - Come along and see for yourself all the finished products from our stall holders. There's so much creative talent under one roof.


Linda's Creative Table

Another sneak peek at a creative table - Linda from Lindyloo Designs sends us a photo of her creative space - here she is doing what she loves to do ....

Here you see me in my creative area, which has recently been improved by the addition of shelving for my fabric stash! I'm happiest when I'm here sewing and creating my hairbands and flower pins. That is when I'm not poking around op shops for more trimmings, buttons and fabric to re purpose in my creations!

I look forward to talking at the next Handmade Show.

What motivates and inspires people to be creative? Come along to The Handmade Show on Saturday March 17th and have a chat with our stall holders. I'm sure they will be happy to pass on their stories about their creative work.


Announcing The Winners .....

Two prizes, Two Winners ...
Congratulations goes to Leanne from Elwood for the $20 THS voucher.
Leanne had heard her sister talking about The Handmade Show in the past; but on Sat 18th Feb she was just driving past and decided to drop in and check it out. Well done Leanne - happy shopping at THS on March 17th!

Congratulations goes to Hanna from Carnegie for the $10 Cafe Handmade voucher.
Hanna, who is 10 years old, was shopping with her mum at THS. She bought a lovely pair of ear rings for herself which gave her extra entries into the prize draw. Well done Hanna - enjoy the refreshments at Cafe Handmade!



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