Elena's Creative Corner

As the saying goes - A picture paints a thousand words ... and there's a lot going on in this creative corner.

Elena from EP Designs sends us this photo of her creative space.

Actually there are two creative spaces in this pocket of the 'studio'. One side is the messy painter's side & the other is for sewing. The old (or should I call it vintage) industrial Singer sewing machine belongs to Regina - she is the 'perfectionist' sewer of EP Designs; and is responsible for the linens & soft furnishings.
When the studio is in full swing there are usually several works on the go. I don't have patience to wait for paint, varnishes or glues to dry, so I continue working on another piece while I'm waiting.
My favourite part is the detailing - putting on the finishing touches - that, I do have patience for & love it..... and I keep working on it until I'm happy with the final look. This is when the other pieces on the creative table have to be patient with me ;)
Come & see my work close up at The Handmade Show.
Ciao, Elena.

There are multi hours of work behind the scenes of each stall holder - Come along and see for yourself all the finished products from our stall holders. There's so much creative talent under one roof.

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