Name Our Koala Competition

Meet our Happy, furry friend. 'Koala' is a giant & perfect for a good cuddle. He's as Aussie as they come and has decided to hang around The Handmade Show as our mascot ... How cute is that!

This giant koala was handmade in Melbourne approx 40 - 50 years ago; made with real fur (don't know what kind but definitely not koala); good quality stuffing .... and stands (or sits) 100cm high (we need a wheelbarrow to carry him/her around).

But we have a slight problem - he/she doesn't have a name. So we need your help to find a name for our friend.

Sounds like a great opportunity for a competition? Oooh, yes!
So jump on board and give it a go - we have a lovely prize to give away to the person with the winning name.

How to enter -

  1. Firstly, go to our Facebook page and become a follower by clicking the 'Like' button. If you're already a follower please write AAF in the comment box with your entry.
  2. Think up a name that's gorgeous, nifty, fun, cute, endearing, inspiring, creative, Aussie .... or unusual. Something that would suit a mascot for our boutique craft market of all things handmade.
  3. Write the name in comment box below this post.
  4. Write a few words about why you chose the name. 
Submit the entry and ... VoilĂ , it's done!
Best to read the T&Cs below to make sure all is done according to the T&Cs.

Terms & Conditions -

  1. This competition is open Australia wide.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. To be eligible to enter You must be a follower on our Facebook page or, leave a comment on one of the posts on this blog. 
  4. Please do not post as Anonymous (we need to be able to contact you if you're the winner).
  5. Entries will only be accepted here, on this blog, under this post.
  6. The Handmade Show committee will judge all entries submitted and select a winner.
  7. If two same names are entered then only the first entered (by date & time) will be accepted as eligible.
  8. The closing date for this competition will be determined by the number of entries received & will be announced with 24 hours notice.
  9. The judges' decision will be final.
  10. A special Thank You gift pack will be awarded to the entrant who submitted the winning name (prize will be posted on our Facebook page)

Looking forward to reading your entries!


  1. Hes really cute, and big. I think Id call him "Old Stormy". Love your blog looks really good.


  2. I was thinking about "Handy Lady"
    most of the stall holders are

  3. I love the name Sydney as its Aussie just like the koala and can be a unisex name

  4. Hi! I think he should be called Steve... (After Steve Irwin - who would definitely want to see this cute koala hang around for another 40-50 years!) AAF!

  5. I like "Stitches" as thats what holds my product together.

  6. The koala is a cutie so I think she should be named 'Jasmine'. This is a natonal flower in 4-5 countries, has a beautiful scent and is very pretty!! The handmade show is not only aussie style and aussie made gifts but represents many multi-national gifted cultures.

  7. Hi,I am 9 yrs old and I've been to The Handmade Show with my mum (Pia) and I think the koala's name should be 'Princess Rose', her name is a symbol of love, it's an honour to be a Princess and she is the head of The Handmade Show!!


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