Name Our Koala Competition

Meet our Happy, furry friend. 'Koala' is a giant & perfect for a good cuddle. He's as Aussie as they come and has decided to hang around The Handmade Show as our mascot ... How cute is that!

This giant koala was handmade in Melbourne approx 40 - 50 years ago; made with real fur (don't know what kind but definitely not koala); good quality stuffing .... and stands (or sits) 100cm high (we need a wheelbarrow to carry him/her around).

But we have a slight problem - he/she doesn't have a name. So we need your help to find a name for our friend.

Sounds like a great opportunity for a competition? Oooh, yes!
So jump on board and give it a go - we have a lovely prize to give away to the person with the winning name.

How to enter -

  1. Firstly, go to our Facebook page and become a follower by clicking the 'Like' button. If you're already a follower please write AAF in the comment box with your entry.
  2. Think up a name that's gorgeous, nifty, fun, cute, endearing, inspiring, creative, Aussie .... or unusual. Something that would suit a mascot for our boutique craft market of all things handmade.
  3. Write the name in comment box below this post.
  4. Write a few words about why you chose the name. 
Submit the entry and ... VoilĂ , it's done!
Best to read the T&Cs below to make sure all is done according to the T&Cs.

Terms & Conditions -

  1. This competition is open Australia wide.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. To be eligible to enter You must be a follower on our Facebook page or, leave a comment on one of the posts on this blog. 
  4. Please do not post as Anonymous (we need to be able to contact you if you're the winner).
  5. Entries will only be accepted here, on this blog, under this post.
  6. The Handmade Show committee will judge all entries submitted and select a winner.
  7. If two same names are entered then only the first entered (by date & time) will be accepted as eligible.
  8. The closing date for this competition will be determined by the number of entries received & will be announced with 24 hours notice.
  9. The judges' decision will be final.
  10. A special Thank You gift pack will be awarded to the entrant who submitted the winning name (prize will be posted on our Facebook page)

Looking forward to reading your entries!


Laura Rose ~ Performing Live

We are happy to announce a live performance for this Saturday May 19th by Laura Rose Songbird Entertainment ~ a beautiful singer with a beautiful voice who will entertain us at The Handmade Show with her music & songs. The team here is very excited to share this news with you.

Laura Rose has been singing and performing since she was 13 years old. She entered Australian Idol in 2003 and made it to the Top 50 in Australia. Her range of music genres includes: Jazz, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Motown, Funk, Pop, Ballads, Classic hits, 50's - 90s. Songbird Entertainment provides pre-dinner drinks music and light entertainment, setting the mood for any event.

That's how we like our music at The Handmade Show and we simply can't wait to welcome her to our boutique market. Please make a note of it in your calendar ~

Saturday May 19th
St. Anthony's Parish Hall
164 Neerim Rd
Glen Huntly, Vic
(corner Grange & Neerim roads)

Market time is from 10.30am to 3.30pm

Laura Rose's performance is from 1pm to 2pm.

Come along to our Magnificent May Market; enjoy the browsing & shopping, the deliciously scrumptious food & refreshments at Cafe Handmade; then sit back, relax & let Laura Rose entertain you.


Giveaway At The Handmade Show

$20 THS Gift Voucher
$10 Cafe Handmade Gift Voucher

That's right! We're giving away two prizes again this month at The Handmade Show.

Everyone who visits this Saturday May 19th gets a chance to win one of these gift vouchers. It's FREE to enter just for walking through the doors. So make note in your diary so as not to miss a fabulous market full of delightful creative wares - all beautifully handmade by talented crafters & artisans.

How to enter -
  • All you have to do is visit The Handmade Show on Saturday May 19th, between 10.30am - 3.30pm; fill in an entry form and place it in the entry box..... soooo easy!
  • Location: 164 Neerim Rd Glen Huntly, Melbourne Vic 3163 (corner Grange & Neerim roads)
  • For more info plus Terms & Conditions please go to the Competitions page 


Koala's Gift To You

Look at what Koala has got to hand out to the winner of our 'Name Our Koala' competition.
Koala represents & proudly keeps an eye over our creative handmade community. So she/he is looking forward to seeing your entries.

Take a look at what has been put together ...
 A pink box full of .... actually, overflowing with lots of gorgeous crafty bits.....
This box contains a mix of laces (some hand dyed), assorted beads, fringing (including hand dyed pieces), braids, ribbons, beaded fringing, buttons and a stack of miscellaneous crafty odds 'n ends.....

From whatever angle you look at this box it's overflowing with a fabulous array of bits & pieces that will inspire your creative hands to make and create beautiful things.

There are well over 100 pieces in this box (not counting beads) ~~ A fitting gift to offer you from our generous Handmade Aussie gem.

Remember ~ You must submit your entries under the post titled Name Our Koala Competition; and Read the Terms & Conditions to make sure you stay eligible to enter.


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