Koala's Gift To You

Look at what Koala has got to hand out to the winner of our 'Name Our Koala' competition.
Koala represents & proudly keeps an eye over our creative handmade community. So she/he is looking forward to seeing your entries.

Take a look at what has been put together ...
 A pink box full of .... actually, overflowing with lots of gorgeous crafty bits.....
This box contains a mix of laces (some hand dyed), assorted beads, fringing (including hand dyed pieces), braids, ribbons, beaded fringing, buttons and a stack of miscellaneous crafty odds 'n ends.....

From whatever angle you look at this box it's overflowing with a fabulous array of bits & pieces that will inspire your creative hands to make and create beautiful things.

There are well over 100 pieces in this box (not counting beads) ~~ A fitting gift to offer you from our generous Handmade Aussie gem.

Remember ~ You must submit your entries under the post titled Name Our Koala Competition; and Read the Terms & Conditions to make sure you stay eligible to enter.

1 comment:

  1. I think I would name the koala Ernest, as he is Ernest in attitude about all things handmade :0)


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