It's Mooki!

After several months of trying to find a name for our very cuddly mascot we have finally done it. Koala is now officially named Mooki.

The competition which we began on our blog in May continued on at The Handmade Show over the last few months. Committee members selected 4 names from all the entries submitted but Mooki won us over.

Thank you to John from Glen Waverley who submitted this entry.
.... and Congratulations!
A little box full of crafty surprises will be coming your way shortly. 

 John's entry included the following reason for choosing the name ....
The name comes from an Aboriginal word Mookapiara meaning to sleep.
It is not gender specific .... & the name is symbolic of the 85% of the time that Koalas sleep.
It is a cute, friendly name of an endearing nature and reflects the type of people at The Handmade Show.
Thank you to all who submitted entries. We at The Handmade Show had a lot of fun going through them all.

So come along everyone on Saturday 15th September to a great Crafters' & Artisans' Boutique Market for a day of great shopping & meet our very own cute & friendly mascot Mooki.

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  1. We named our new Australian mini Labradoodle Mooki also. We knew of the Australian Mooki River, but we also named him after Mookie Betts, a star Red Sox baseball player! Nice to see your Koala mascot with the same name!


    Ned and Lorraine Stewart
    Dartmouth, MA, USA


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