Outdoor Stall Space Now Available


The Handmade Show will be celebrating its 2nd Birthday with the upcoming October 20th show and we're organising a number of fabulously fun activities to help along with the festivities.

In addition to our usual indoor set up we have also added an Outdoor category with a limited number of spaces available so as to set up outside stalls ~
Plants, garden things, sculptures, bird baths, whirly gadgets, fun filled whimsies ... or simply creations for outdoors..... Does this sound like your work? Think about joining our boutique market of all things handmade and be part of our 2nd Birthday Celebrations on Saturday 20th October .... Interested? Check out the Applications page for more information; download an application & send it to us for consideration.

We're looking forward to seeing what marvelous creations there are out there!

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  1. Great news to hear there will be an outdoor stall opportunity!!


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