One Big Picture Of Goodwill.

What occurs within a venue can have a touching effect on all who book the facilities for an event; especially when most of what occurs there has a lot to do with open hearts that are caring, giving, helpful and cheerful. The venue I'm talking about is St. Anthony's Parish Hall, Glen Huntly - the place where The Handmade Show is held.

Let's take a look at the Christmas Dinner they organise each year. Christmas 2012 marked their 21st birthday. The parish puts on a warm & welcoming event, inviting all those who would otherwise not have anywhere to go on Christmas day or no one to share the day.
Payment is not required nor asked for - the dinner is free.
The numbers this year -
  • Guests - 231 (not including those who turned up on the day without booking - lost count after 20)
  • Helpers - 92 
The menu -
  • Entree: Prawn Cocktail or Cantaloupe & ham; for Vegetarians - Fresh fruit salad
  • Mains: Roast Turkey, ham, roast potatoes, pumpkin & cauliflower in white sauce; peas & gravy & cranberry sauce.
  • Dessert: Plum pudding with custard, cream & ice-cream; or ice-cream with freckles; followed by Tea, Coffee & after dinner mints.

Music & entertainment was provided for the festive occasion; and each guest received a plate of goodies to take home. Extra dinners were also sent out.

It was an all round effort of goodwill by many who donated food or funds, cooked, served, helped in set up or clean up or transported guests back & forth.

Moving stories come to the surface at these events. Many from those who would otherwise have been sitting at home on their own.

The goodwill nature of the people who take part in this annual event is ongoing throughout the year - it doesn't stop at the one occasion; it touches everyone.

We at The Handmade Show have done nothing here - we are simply a booking that turns up once a month on the 3rd Saturday. We set up the hall for our lovely stall holders & we pack up afterwards. But it's the goodwill nature that has a ripple effect onto all who arrive at the hall for whatever their event; the warmth & cheer flow onto us all brightening our stay.

How blessed we are at the Handmade Show to have a venue like this to host our market.

Searching for the perfect venue is not an easy task, especially when you're looking for an indoor venue for a market. A number of things need to be considered - Location, parking, facility provisions, kitchen facilities, ease of loading/unloading for stall holders, cost, insurance, availability, traffic, ATM locations, neighbouring markets - and so on.

Most of the conditions are covered but for what may be missing the heart of the venue takes its place.

The Handmade Show starts back from Saturday 20th April 2013.
St. Anthony's Parish Hall ~ 164 Neerm Rd Glen Huntly, Melbourne, Vic
Cafe Handmade, run by volunteers from St. Anthony's parish, will be offering a delicious menu.
Stall holders will bring their amazing creations for you.
The THS team will prepare a market treat for visitors.

Please make a note in your diaries ~ see you there!


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