Goodie Bag Ideas

As promised, here are some Goodie Bag inclusion ideas which will hopefully inspire you. These are basic, simple ideas just to get you thinking. Ideas can be endless, inspired by your creative imagination....

Want to include a handmade gift or product sample from your range?
Your product samples from your own range of crafted wares & products are the best advertisement of your product eg. hand/body lotion, mini soaps, potpourri, chocolates, cookies, sweets, candles, stationery (greeting/ gift card).
Make mini samples of whatever you create (if possible) - you know best what you can do & what you can afford to do; And it's always good to have something that can be used.

However, don't use your reject products - people need to see your best in here. They need to be able to look at your product sample & go 'wow, love this! I want more.'

Don't have any product samples but want to include a gift?
  • Couple chocolates (wrapped) in a cello bag & attach to postcard.
  • Chocolate, biscuit, sweets wrapped in lace & attached to a card or flyer.
  • Tea bag or coffee bag with a note "have a break on us & enjoy this cuppa", & attach to a gift card or brochure.
  • Print inspiring/encouraging/funny/happy quotes onto pretty paper & attach to a fridge magnet.
  • Compile mini bags with several crafty bits for a mini project to make a greeting card or other mini crafty project; don't forget to print out instructions.
  • Have a competition set up with a great prize to win, include an entry form or two and details on where to enter (preferably your web site or blog or have them come to your stall at each market you attend - the more they come the more entries they get).
  • Pencil wrapped in printed paper & attach to your order form.
  • Paper flower craft attached to a special offer card.
  • Make a button/ beaded/ ribbon or lacy fridge magnet.
Can't include gifts or samples? Easy ideas like this are still very effective -
  • Brochures, flyers & cards of all kinds always work best when there is a call-to-action included.
  • Special offers - eg. set a minimum spend to receive 'something'; buy 2 get one free; buy one get 2nd one half price.
  • Exclusive offers - an offer available only for the Goodie Bag customer.
  • Discounts - pot luck discounts eg. 10/15/20% off next purchase; print several per sheet, cut & fold creatively & attach to your business post card. Each customer receives a different discount.
  • Gift voucher - eg. set a minimum spend to receive $5, $10 or $? off your next purchase (at a market or online).
  • Business cards, postcards - with all the usual business details.
  • Postcards, bookmarks or flyers listing markets and /or special events you'll be attending.
  • Magnetic business card.

People need to look at your postcard, offer or discount & say 'Oh my gosh, got to check this out'

Put your own twist on things, enjoy gathering your Goodie bag ideas, and all the love you put into this exercise will shine through when customers open up their Goodie Bags.

Share your thoughts with us & any fabulous ideas you come up with ... or keep it as a surprise for everyone.


Pamper Mum, Pamper You!

We have a marketing opportunity for you to promote your business through a Goodie Bag which will be handed out as a free gift to market visitors.

The theme for this giveaway is Pamper Mum, Pamper You. This is a great opportunity and an inexpensive way to get your business seen by mums & ladies before Mother's Day.

The invitation is open to stall holders, micro businesses, wahms, wahps & hobby businesses who love to create beautiful things. Handmade, recreated & upcycled wares, inspired by you in your creative space & created by your gifted hands ~ this is what we love at The Handmade Show.

How does it work?

  • You supply us with your promotional material.
  • We place your material into specially marked Goodie Bags.
  • We distribute them to markets visitors.
  • They take their goodie bag home & go through it all, use up discounts, special offers, samples...use the info to reach you, place orders, check out your web site or visit you at your next market. What doesn't get used immediately gets used later or is passed on to family & friends who can make use of it.
  • It works because the bags are targeted directly to your target market - the market goer.

How much will it cost?

  • Introductory offer - $15 for 100 bags contributions.

What promotional materials can I submit?

  • Business cards, business postcards, special offers, discounts, vouchers, product samples - just to name a few ideas.
  • Stay tuned for the next blog post as we will help you out with more ideas.

Interested? Here is what to do next...

  1. Send us an email - thsapplications@gmail.com
  2. In the Subject line write - Pamper Goodie Bag Submission.
  3. Briefly tell us about what you wish to include in the bags.
  4. You will need to ensure you have 100 items to send us by the deadline date (see below)
  5. We will send you an invoice with payment details and further instructions on where to send or deliver your promotional materials.
Please Note: Cost cannot be split. We prefer you to supply the entire 100 bags; but if you are unable to do so then we may consider you to supply less than 100 items - however, cost remains the same and cannot be split.

Deadline for notice to contribute - Monday April 8th.
Deadline for promotional material delivery - Monday April 15th


Goodie Bag Goodness

The Goodie Bag, as a marketing tool, is not a new idea - it has been around for a while. I remember receiving several of these promotional bags over the years at networking or promotional events, and even at Trade Shows. The bags usually contain promotional material, samples, discounts, special offers and more.

It is an effective tool to use to promote businesses inexpensively - especially great for small business. Distribution numbers may seem small (depending on your event) but it is targeted at your market, so people collecting these bags are present at the event because they want to be there, have paid to be there or are searching for special deals/services/information.

The THS team went to a fund raising Ladies Night organised by Babushka Moo Markets. We paid for tickets into this event & were excited to receive a Goodie bag each. I couldn't wait to see what I had inside my bag - skin care samples, greeting cards, selection of local eatery menus, generous vouchers (more than one), coupons, sweet sample, a gift & special offers. I may not be able to use all of them but I know people I can pass those on to quite easily, and some I can hang on to for special occasions.

The light bulb switched on for us, and we're thinking of organising a Goodie Bag too ~ as a marketing opportunity for stall holders & other micro businesses, wahms, wahps ~ and as a giveaway for our visitors to the market. Excited? We are ......Soooo, stay tuned, we're off to organise a Goodie Bag for our first 2013 market in April.

We'll be back with details & pricing for contributors plus inexpensive ideas for inclusion.


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