Goodie Bag Goodness

The Goodie Bag, as a marketing tool, is not a new idea - it has been around for a while. I remember receiving several of these promotional bags over the years at networking or promotional events, and even at Trade Shows. The bags usually contain promotional material, samples, discounts, special offers and more.

It is an effective tool to use to promote businesses inexpensively - especially great for small business. Distribution numbers may seem small (depending on your event) but it is targeted at your market, so people collecting these bags are present at the event because they want to be there, have paid to be there or are searching for special deals/services/information.

The THS team went to a fund raising Ladies Night organised by Babushka Moo Markets. We paid for tickets into this event & were excited to receive a Goodie bag each. I couldn't wait to see what I had inside my bag - skin care samples, greeting cards, selection of local eatery menus, generous vouchers (more than one), coupons, sweet sample, a gift & special offers. I may not be able to use all of them but I know people I can pass those on to quite easily, and some I can hang on to for special occasions.

The light bulb switched on for us, and we're thinking of organising a Goodie Bag too ~ as a marketing opportunity for stall holders & other micro businesses, wahms, wahps ~ and as a giveaway for our visitors to the market. Excited? We are ......Soooo, stay tuned, we're off to organise a Goodie Bag for our first 2013 market in April.

We'll be back with details & pricing for contributors plus inexpensive ideas for inclusion.


  1. so glad you had an amazing time...and so happy you loved our goodie bags...was such a great night and thank you for introducing yourself quickly to me - Effie - at the door, we were crazy busy that night!!! we will have to pop into your market one day and hopefully have a coffee together :)

  2. Hi Effie, it was lovely meeting you ... and completely understand what it's like for organisers. Would absolutely love to have a coffee with you ....at Cafe Handmade :)
    ciao for now,

  3. Girls, a great place to get paper bags from is http://www.paper-pak.net/ tell them that Nitty from Markets and Community sent you and they will help you out. :)


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