It's Time For Me To Say Goodbye.

Now that all the holiday celebrations are over and most people are heading back to work, and kids back at school it’s time for me to make an announcement….

After 5 years of volunteering as an organiser of The Handmade Show I have now retired as organiser. The December 13th (2014) market was my last market as stallholder; plus I’m now finalising handover with the new volunteer committee members who will continue to run THS in the spirit with which it was established.

It’s a sad time for me as I reflect & look back on the journey of 5 years, but it’s also time for me to move on to pursue & develop new creative interests.

As the last of the six original committee members I would like to thank all the stallholders who have given THS a go, and have found what THS is really all about. Many of you have embraced it for what it truly is, with understanding and appreciation and continue to support it even if needing to move on to other markets.
We have worked hard to build up THS to the warm-hearted and supportive community that it has become and the new committee will continue to build upon this, in the spirit with which THS is all about, and bringing with them new ideas for its development.

THS will always be a helping hand, a stepping stone, a supportive community for creative people and musicians, a destination place for the community where a good feed is available, a warm & inviting atmosphere embraces them, and where they are surrounded by smiling, friendly people with gorgeous handmade creations available for purchase from very talented crafters and artisans.

So, thank you to those who have journeyed with THS since the very first market (Jan 10th 2010), those who have joined along the way & become regulars – both stallholders & visitors – the amazing musicians, the volunteers at Café Handmade, the regular stallholders, semi- regular and those who have come and moved on. It has been a pleasure to have been a part of it all.

And thank you to the new committee who will carry on so that the THS will continue –
Melissa – BohoBird Jewellery

So it’s ‘ciao for now’ … see you at the April market (me, as a visitor of course)

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