The Handmade Show is a community minded makers market in the South-East of Melbourne, Victoria, where crafters and artisans showcase and sell their wares. 

All products available are handcrafted by a selection of talented Aussie artisans who are passionate about promoting handmade wares.

The Handmade Show is a non-profit group run by a committee made up of stall-holders who volunteer their time to organise and run the market. The purpose of The Handmade Show is to promote and support local crafters, work-at-home-parents and small businesses. This market is a stepping stone for those starting out, providing assistance with tips, low cost stall fees, promotions and encouragement when needed.

Cafe Handmade is a THS initiative hosted by the lovely volunteers from Tony's Cafe - an outreach soup kitchen open every Thursday night. Cafe Handmade has become a platform for the fundraising efforts of the volunteers. Nestled within our indoor market & surrounded by our creative stall holders, it's a sure fire place to be to relax & enjoy the menu.

In addition to supporting our stallholders we also love to support musicians and entertainers. We all do our part in making this a great little market for everyone! So jump on board this ride with us, become a follower, and share the love of making with us all. 

Come along and join us on FaceBook and Twitter where we also enjoy promoting you and your fabulous creative wares.

THS Born Saturday 16th January 2010


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